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Most of us do not give much thought to our air ducts when we think about our heating and air conditioning systems. However, duct work is an integral part of any home or business HVAC system, as these systems cannot operate properly and evenly distribute clean air throughout your home or business without proper duct work installation and maintenance. Proper air duct work, including regular duct cleaning, is essential for the system’s health.

At Pitcher Air Conditioning LLC, I have been doing duct work since I opened my doors in 1999. From duct installations and repairs to duct cleaning services, you will not find a more qualified or affordable duct work contractor in Lake Charles, LA.

It is very important to clean your duct work because dirty air circulates through those ducts and could make you, your family members, or your employees sick. Healthy air is essential to healthy living. The typical 6-room home can create as much as forty pounds of dust annually!

In addition to improving your health, regular duct cleaning can lower your energy bills significantly. As much as forty percent of what you pay for your cooling and heating costs is wasted every year. Keeping your ducts cleaned improves your HVAC system’s operation and saves you money.

If your ducts look dirty, they probably are. Have your duct work cleaned, repaired, and maintained regularly, and you will save money and boost your home’s and family’s overall health. Do not delay; get in touch with me at Pitcher Air Conditioning LLC in Lake Charles, LA today to schedule duct work services.

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